Fletcher. Shift the Paradigm

Our vision is to shift the civil industry with insights  & technology.

We have solutions.
We shift the civil industry.
We deliver infrastructure services with affordable unrivalled methods.

Vision: To create outstanding infrastructure anywhere in the world for humanity to thrive. Accelerating the availability & affordability of modern services to all people.

Fletcher, established in 2016, is rapidly growing  in the earth moving and civil construction sector.

Established  2016

We began in 2016. One of our chief motivators was the desire to introduce the latest technology to the civil construction industry in Australia.

Building-up 2019

Scaling-Up: We have worked hard to bring together a team of highly experienced
and capable machinery operators.

Future Wind2022

We continue to push into the renewables space with an increase in wind farm projects.

Fletcher Values


Respect yourself first, and then the world and those around you. Knowing your personal value is paramount to you being the change in your environment.


Following on from respect is safety. If you have
respect safety suddenly becomes a natural
element to your personal and company life.


We carry a culture of honour giving respect to those placed above, below and beside us.


Every project, task, or situation we encounter from the smallest task to biggest project is carried out to the best of each person’s ability and capability.


We believe in giving more than we get so whether that’s as simple as turning up early or leaving 10 minutes after we are always looking to do what we said we would and more.


We pride ourselves in both meaning what we say
and in carrying out our stated intentions

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