Fletcher. Advanced technology & know-how to complete any  project.

Performance-first civil construction. Accurate numbers. Powerful tracking. Resulting in saving time. More power to your civil  project.

30+ Years ahead of the civil industry

Power to Project. Fletcher.

We invest in innovative technology to deliver quality services at the best price possible.

Civil Construction Contracting | Australia Wide
We operate in the civil construction industry and have a thorough knowledge of how to handle every aspect across a range of civil construction projects.

From subdivision construction to roadworks, wind farm construction and much more, we’re here to help. Get in touch with Fletcher  at any time and we’ll be more than happy to help.
Plant Hire and Equipment Hire
Our fleet includes excavators, graders, bulldozers, dump trucks and more.  We stock a wide range of attachments for our machines to make your projects run smoothly from start to finish.

In addition, all our equipment is available for wet hire. Meaning that when you hire a machine from Fletcher, you’ll have a qualified and experienced operator on site assisting with your project.
About Fletcher
At Fletcher Bros Solutions, we believe in doing our best to transform the construction industry for the better. We aim to provide a world-class service so that we can continue to deliver the latest technologies, equipment, and practices to our clients.

We are currently working on and overseeing a broad range of projects – both private and government funded ranging from large infrastructure projects, wind farms, solar farms, and hydroelectric power plants.
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Data accuracy.Means project

We utilise a data first approach. Combining people & technology to drive project success.


Method.  Fletcher.

Great people. Powerful Solutions. Rapid deployment.


The team at Fletcher are ready to respond.


We deliver expert  service, incredible technology.
Our success is yours.


We have the machines and the right strategy on hand ready to start any project.

Great service starts with great people.

We intentionally look for people that offer excellence both in their character and visionary leadership.

We constantly invest in high quality machinery.

So, your project goes from strength to strength. Start Solutions to project success. Here at Fletcher, we unlock all the power of equipment plus expertise.

Powerful Project Delivery.

We also have strategic partnerships with companies that supply services: directional drilling and road surfacing etc. for specialist projects.

We believe that good service & methodology changes the civil industry.

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