About Fletcher

From the beginning, our ambition was to  introduce the latest technology to the civil construction industry in Australia.

Fletcher Bros Solutions was established In 2016.
Our founders noticed that although the market offered many great products and innovative new equipment which would allow for huge increases in efficiency and cost effectivity of project delivery, they simply weren’t being utilised.

Innovation Approach

By engaging the latest technology, the most reliable operators, and the brightest and best professional staff, we minimise delays and administrative hassle.  This has led us to delivering project after project on time and on budget - in some cases, even more efficiently. 

Vision Lead

Our team’s vision, along with decades of practical experience and demonstrable proficiency, combined with powerful, dynamic technology & innovative project delivery techniques, allow us to offer a new and exciting alternative in the earth-moving & civil construction industry.

Powerful Precision

We have invested in a fleet of the latest machinery, equipped with precise technology to enable them to get the most out of their time on site. As a consequence, both our operating costs and the time taken to deliver your requirements can be minimised to such an extent that we can guarantee to outdo any  competitor.


Our very DNA at Fletcher is hard work and shifting the paradigm within the construction industry.
We are committed to new ideas and a bold vision. We listen and then respond.

Fletcher. Shift the civil industry.

We saw the opportunity to introduce new technology and new work practices to the industry and to utilise the results of all this innovation to the max.


We believe that good service & methodology changes the civil industry.

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