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At Fletcher Bros Solutions, we believe in doing our best to transform the construction industry for the better. We aim to provide a world-class environment for our employees so that we can continue to deliver the latest technologies, equipment and practices to our clients. We pride ourselves on always striving to provide the highest quality and best value services possible in the delivery of each and every project.



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Fletcher Bros Solutions History 

When we began in 2016, one of our chief motivators was the desire to introduce the latest technology to the civil construction industry in Australia, particularly to contract civil works. Crucially, we noticed that although the market offered many great products and innovative new equipment which would allow for huge increases in efficiency and cost effectivity of project delivery, they simply weren’t being utilised. As a result, we saw the opportunity to introduce new technology and new work practices to the industry and to utilise the results of all this innovation to the max.
Thus, Fletcher Bros Solutions was born.

In effect, what we saw was that this new technology had the capability to deliver a higher quality product at a lower cost to the customer, primarily by means of increased work speed and efficiency. As a result, we focus on working with clients to structure construction programs to keep up with the significant increase in productivity that these technologies can deliver. With the implementation of these practices, construction durations can be radically reduced, enabling client projects to be commissioned and completed at a rate that far exceeds those run on traditional models.


    Building a Better Future Today

    Without great people in our team, we wouldn’t be able to achieve the vision we have for the company and the industry. As such, we know that to implement our vision to the max, we need great people. That is why from the outset we have set about creating a great environment in which our people can thrive. We continually train and develop our current employees and are always on the lookout for new talent to join our team. Regardless of experience or past history, we are always looking for those people who want to get the best out of their lives today. Experience can be gained and skills can be taught, but the desire to achieve one’s goals in life has to come from within, so we celebrate those people who are willing to put in the hard yards to build a better future for themselves, their families and the world around them.

    New Equipment, Technology and Work Practices

    Despite the fact that our industry is thriving with competition, we remain competitive by utilising new equipment, technology and the improved work practices that come with innovation. Ourinternal streamlined processes lead to lower running costs for our business and, as a consequence, we are able to pass these savings on to our clients.

    While our clients definitely see an increase in productivity as a result of using our personnel, plant and equipment, the greatest savings are always going to be in contract and lump sum works where we have the opportunity to implement technology across the worksite and manage our people in the most efficient way.

      Contract works grant security to our clients with regards to cost and time management of their projects. This allows us to remain highly competitive with price and exceed expectations on time-frames, while never compromising on safety.

        We take safety extremely seriously and believe that zero harm at work is paramount, Along with instilling a safety culture in all of our employees, we are always investing in the latest in equipment and safety technology.


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          Fletcher Bros Solutions are a Victoria-based earthmoving company that provide a range of earthworks, civil construction and quarrying services Australia-wide.

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